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Bittersweet Honesty and Moving Foward


In all honesty guys I have to admit  that this blog was kicking my butt. I think I had begun to put so much pressure on myself that it was actually leaving me kind of frustrated and blocked. My whole point for starting this blog was to have fun and share and connect with other food lovers like me but somewhere along the way the Virgo in me took over and I started comparing myself and my blog to others.

My blog is a little over a year old and still very small, and instead of being excited about going into the kitchen to whip up something new and captivating, I found myself becoming really frustrated. Lately every kitchen session was on this pressure of “Gotta create new content! Gotta create new content!” and it was really affecting my baking mojo. So I had to take a deep breath and realize that no one really cares and no one is putting that pressure on me but me.

I also realized that everybody works differently, and to put out the best content I can I just have to work the way that’s best for me and be true to myself. If I pressure myself like that and just start posting things just to have content or because I feel like I have to keep up and not because I am truly excited or really want to share something that would be cheating myself, my readers and my future readers.

So I’m revamping my work methods and possibly my blog. I have decided to enjoy this place and time and my blog. I will take my time and make sure that what I’m posting is quality and that it took time, effort and a considerable amount of trial and error. This is the place where I get to share a part of myself and express my creativity.

Every day I would browse my favorite blogs with mixed emotions. There would be joy because I love reading them and being inspired and then there would be a little bit frustration and I would start to think my pictures will never be that beautiful or I can never be that funny and clever and everything they post is so amazing and  I can never be that good. Then a thought occurred to me, the hell with it. This is my blog, my rules and my way. I truly believe (Cliché alert! Cliché Alert!) If you build it they will come”.


So I guess I’m just asking you guys to bear with me and to come along with me on this journey. I’m still learning and growing and I’m okay with that. I may not be able to blow your mind with new and exciting content 3 times a week But know that what I am posting I’m excited about and I’m busting at the seams to share it with you. Maybe my baby blog will be huge one day and that would be awesome but if it doesn’t so what. I’m in it for the food, the possible new friends and the fun.



Getting Smart about Cooking for One


Since I’ve started my new job, I have begun to spend a crazy amount of money eating out (which I totally cannot afford to do) and I can admit that most these places don’t have particularly healthy options. Every week I vow to pack a lunch and not eat out but it’s usually to no avail. I don’t really cook much during the week which means I never have anything to take for lunch and dinner is usually something prepackaged or simple like cereal or PB & J.

Am I proud of this fact…. NO…. I love food and I love to cook but I do have (well had) a couple of good reasons. (1) I’ve been living on my own for about two years now and I have to say I have found it really difficult to shop and cook for one. I always seem to make waay to much which usually means I have spent way too much on ingredients. I have kind of started to embrace the freedom of it now and am learning to shop better. Instead of buying way too many ingredients for one dish I am learning that I can buy smaller portions of more things and make many meals. Another part of the freedom is that if I have a taste for something or see a recipe I want to try I completely can with no ones to cater to but me.

(2) Sheer and utter laziness. Sometimes I just don’t gosh darn feel like it especially in the summer. I think I stated in another post that I don’t have central AC in my little apartment, I have a little window unit but it can still get pretty uncomfortable at times. During these times let’s just say I’m not thrilled to turn my oven or stove on. But I have figured out how to combat this with a little smart shopping and advanced planning. That’s why this weekend I decided to make a menu and a master list for several different options for the week or possibly two weeks. The plan is to try doing this as much as I can. The picture above shows the results of my pillage to the grocery store.

I am going to turn all this into my stash for the next week possibly longer. And the best part is I control what goes in each dish which means it’s a healthier option than the stuff I’ve was getting eating out. And I also get to save money which is always awesome. So this post doesn’t have any recipes. I didn’t initially plan for this to be a post, but I plan on doing more post like these so hopefully over time I will be able to manage to incorporate recipes and better photos( But hey! You got to start somewhere)

1 pkg celery

1 container butter lettuce

1 bunch scallions

1 large sweet onion

1 cucumber

3 Roma tomatoes

1 lemon

1 bag spring mix

1 small bunch grape

1 bottle of hot sauce

1 pkg bleu cheese crumbles

2 pk Croissants from bakery

1 tiny wedge parmesean cheese

1 box of chicken stock

1 pkg of 2 large chicken breast

1 bag of frozen medium shrimp

1 box Linguini

1 bulb garlic


The first thing I did was make a big container of salad. It’s simple and healthy and I can pull from it throughout the week and it can go along side just about anything.




From the stash pictured above I was able to make

*Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

*Chicken salad (croissant sandwiches or just on its own)

*Shrimp scampi and linguine

Once everything I was made I was able to spit it into containers and pop them in the fridge and the freezer. When it was all said and done I was set for lunch and dinner for the coming week and a half. After seeing what I had left I was able to plan my menu for the next week and only pick up one or two thing from the store instead of a whole shopping cart full.





Hey Guys! It a New year! Arent you excited? Although I didn’t make any resolutions, (I kinda gave up on those a long time ago), I did decide to make some changes for the better. Or at least try my best to.

global wonderland 4

How did you guys celebrate bringing  the new year. Did you stay snuggled in with that special someone counting down, did you go to a massive party and kiss a random stranger at midnight ( no one’s judging), However you spent it im hoping you enjoyed it.

This is probably the first new year in a long time that I was actually out and about. Yes I am an old lady trapped in a young person’s body.  My mom and i usually throw some snacks together and dance the night away to whatever party is happening on the TV. Yeah….she’s a partyer from waay back so she ususally out parties me.

But this year I was invited to hang out with some girlfriends at this amazing event called The Global Winter Wonderland. I Had a blast!! Even though it was outside and it was freezing cold it was totally worth it.

Global wonderland    global wonderland3

It was a huge celebration of lights with these gorgeous and enormous displays of some the worlds most famous landmarks. I know my words probably aren’t doing it any justice so of course im posting these pictures I took.

global wonderland1  DSCN1387

There was a huge tent filled with vendors selling food from many different countries and of course my favorite Fair food. If you dangle funnel cake in front of me I will pretty much follow you anywhere.

I started the new year off being courageous….i hate roller coasters with the burning passion of a thousand suns.(hmmm that may be a bit dramatic) but somehow I was coaxed into getting on not one but TWO! Including one whose sole purpose was to spin and spin and spin and spin…okay I just got dizzy and nauseous all over again.

global wonderland6           global wonderland5

But to sum it all up, Gorgeous view, Good company, Funnel cake, and a show of bravery…..not a bad way to celebrate bringing in the new year!

global wonderland7     global wonderland 10

global wonderland8        global wonderland9  global wonderland2