Getting Smart about Cooking for One


Since I’ve started my new job, I have begun to spend a crazy amount of money eating out (which I totally cannot afford to do) and I can admit that most these places don’t have particularly healthy options. Every week I vow to pack a lunch and not eat out but it’s usually to no avail. I don’t really cook much during the week which means I never have anything to take for lunch and dinner is usually something prepackaged or simple like cereal or PB & J.

Am I proud of this fact…. NO…. I love food and I love to cook but I do have (well had) a couple of good reasons. (1) I’ve been living on my own for about two years now and I have to say I have found it really difficult to shop and cook for one. I always seem to make waay to much which usually means I have spent way too much on ingredients. I have kind of started to embrace the freedom of it now and am learning to shop better. Instead of buying way too many ingredients for one dish I am learning that I can buy smaller portions of more things and make many meals. Another part of the freedom is that if I have a taste for something or see a recipe I want to try I completely can with no ones to cater to but me.

(2) Sheer and utter laziness. Sometimes I just don’t gosh darn feel like it especially in the summer. I think I stated in another post that I don’t have central AC in my little apartment, I have a little window unit but it can still get pretty uncomfortable at times. During these times let’s just say I’m not thrilled to turn my oven or stove on. But I have figured out how to combat this with a little smart shopping and advanced planning. That’s why this weekend I decided to make a menu and a master list for several different options for the week or possibly two weeks. The plan is to try doing this as much as I can. The picture above shows the results of my pillage to the grocery store.

I am going to turn all this into my stash for the next week possibly longer. And the best part is I control what goes in each dish which means it’s a healthier option than the stuff I’ve was getting eating out. And I also get to save money which is always awesome. So this post doesn’t have any recipes. I didn’t initially plan for this to be a post, but I plan on doing more post like these so hopefully over time I will be able to manage to incorporate recipes and better photos( But hey! You got to start somewhere)

1 pkg celery

1 container butter lettuce

1 bunch scallions

1 large sweet onion

1 cucumber

3 Roma tomatoes

1 lemon

1 bag spring mix

1 small bunch grape

1 bottle of hot sauce

1 pkg bleu cheese crumbles

2 pk Croissants from bakery

1 tiny wedge parmesean cheese

1 box of chicken stock

1 pkg of 2 large chicken breast

1 bag of frozen medium shrimp

1 box Linguini

1 bulb garlic


The first thing I did was make a big container of salad. It’s simple and healthy and I can pull from it throughout the week and it can go along side just about anything.




From the stash pictured above I was able to make

*Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

*Chicken salad (croissant sandwiches or just on its own)

*Shrimp scampi and linguine

Once everything I was made I was able to spit it into containers and pop them in the fridge and the freezer. When it was all said and done I was set for lunch and dinner for the coming week and a half. After seeing what I had left I was able to plan my menu for the next week and only pick up one or two thing from the store instead of a whole shopping cart full.





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