Hey Guys! It a New year! Arent you excited? Although I didn’t make any resolutions, (I kinda gave up on those a long time ago), I did decide to make some changes for the better. Or at least try my best to.

global wonderland 4

How did you guys celebrate bringing  the new year. Did you stay snuggled in with that special someone counting down, did you go to a massive party and kiss a random stranger at midnight ( no one’s judging), However you spent it im hoping you enjoyed it.

This is probably the first new year in a long time that I was actually out and about. Yes I am an old lady trapped in a young person’s body.  My mom and i usually throw some snacks together and dance the night away to whatever party is happening on the TV. Yeah….she’s a partyer from waay back so she ususally out parties me.

But this year I was invited to hang out with some girlfriends at this amazing event called The Global Winter Wonderland. I Had a blast!! Even though it was outside and it was freezing cold it was totally worth it.

Global wonderland    global wonderland3

It was a huge celebration of lights with these gorgeous and enormous displays of some the worlds most famous landmarks. I know my words probably aren’t doing it any justice so of course im posting these pictures I took.

global wonderland1  DSCN1387

There was a huge tent filled with vendors selling food from many different countries and of course my favorite Fair food. If you dangle funnel cake in front of me I will pretty much follow you anywhere.

I started the new year off being courageous….i hate roller coasters with the burning passion of a thousand suns.(hmmm that may be a bit dramatic) but somehow I was coaxed into getting on not one but TWO! Including one whose sole purpose was to spin and spin and spin and spin…okay I just got dizzy and nauseous all over again.

global wonderland6           global wonderland5

But to sum it all up, Gorgeous view, Good company, Funnel cake, and a show of bravery…..not a bad way to celebrate bringing in the new year!

global wonderland7     global wonderland 10

global wonderland8        global wonderland9  global wonderland2


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